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3 August
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(January 21, 2006) Frontman Jeremey Davis (SuperSonic 41) has just announced that he has departured from the Dream Trance Inc project and handed it to his co-producer/vocalist Christine Stalen.
(January 27, 2006) DJ Funeral has just announced that he & Danger Trance Incorporated are going to collaborate on a few songs for the upcoming "D.T.I. Trax". Keep checking here for any more updates.
(February 26, 2006) DJ Producers Jeremey Davis, Corey Koehler, Felix J Milla, & Vocalist Melanie Kintos has formed the new Trance project Backdraft 84. Which can be heard at this link... http://www.myspace.com/backdraft84
(March 8, 2006) S.K.Y. & World DJ Paul van Dyk have collaborated on a song called "Count the Stars". It recalls both S.K.Y. & PvD's early life to the successes they are today. It's a 20 minute song and will be available on Myspace sometime this month or next month.
(March 17, 2006) Me & my Beautiful Fiance Jazzmin are back together and are in fact Engaged! I'm happy as a lamb! I Love her sooooooooo much, no one has any idea.
(May 24, 2006) Me & Jazzmin broke up for the final time.
(June 4, 2006) Me & Chelsea started going out! I'm happy to report that we are both happy and we plan to be together for quite sometime. We both want to thank our friends for the continued support and everything. Oh... and for those of you who don't know Chelsea will be having a myspace profile soon... so keep in touch!
(June 10, 2006) Me & Chelsea are no (as of this point) longer together. We've been having too many fights and everything. But we are trying to talk this out. Also, if me & Chelsea work this out we will be forming a new Trance project entitled "Blinding Light" and our first single is "Million Miles From Home" coming from our album "We R Progressive" coming Winter 2007 from TrANceFusion Records!
(August 17, 2006) RubidiuM has been reunited after 6 long years.
(August 24, 2006) I got Laid Off from my job @ Viking Conveyor.
(September 11, 2006) Going to see the Navy or Army Recruiter. Bowling League Starts As Well!
(March 14, 2008) Signed An 8 Year Committment To The US Army... Originally in 4 3 years.
(April 01, 2008) Left For Basic Training @ Fort Knox in Kentucky. There For 9 Weeks!!!
(April 11, 2008) Basic Training Officially Starts.
(June 12, 2008) Graduated Basic Training... Heading to A.I.T. Next
(June 16, 2008) Officially Started A.I.T. 7 Weeks Here in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
(August 08, 2008) Graduated A.I.T. Heading To Fort Polk, Louisiana For My Permanent Duty Station.
(August 09, 2008) Leave To Go Home & See Friends & Family
(August 19, 2008) Arrived in Fort Polk, Louisiana
(September 19, 2008) Deployed To Iraq 4 5 months. Will Return Feb 2009.
(October 19, 2008) Currently @ Cop 102 in Eastern Baghdad.

Hi! My name is N.E.O. and I'm 21 years old. I'm a DJ and I also Remix/Produce other Trance artists songs. I started producing music at the age of 12 and my first project was D.A. Project(7 Releases), that was March 10, 1999. On February 20, 2000 me and my co-producer Christina Schilln made a breakthrough with the release of the "Carnival Song" which boosted 9 remixed sequels. That was when DJ Fire@Work was born and alive... on November 28, 2005 DJ Fire@Work retired and had released 135 hits. In 2003, Dream Trance Inc was formed and have had their success... November 28, 2005 was retired with 55 releases.(1/28/06) is out of retirement and is now called Project Treadstone, Dream Trance Inc have resumed production under Jeremey Davis. 2004, SuperSonic 41 was formed and have released 24 hits. Also, S.K.Y. was born and is still producing with over 100 hits (202 to be exact). 2005 formed Danger Trance Incorporated, & DTI Terror Department, & The Jeremey Project all still in production. 2006 is a good year for all the projects still producing since they will be releasing full length albums. So Keep in touch on here with releases or breaking news. L8TER!

~~Person I'm Dating Now~~

~~Rachel Hansen~~

~~My DJ Friends~~
DJ Space, DJ Armin van Buuren, Danger Trance Incorporated, DTI Terror Department, DJ Fire@Work, S.K.Y., DJ Exempt, DJ Tornado, Dream Trance Incorporated, DJ Paul van Dyk, DJ Ferry Corsten, DJ Cascada, DJ 4 Strings, DJ Martin, DJ Earth, Disasters@Work, DJ Vanessa, DJ Christine, DJ Junior, DJ Funeral, DJ Jill Pete

"My grandfather told me that the energy of life is a circle. It will never be whole for me until I find my center. I knew right away when I walked in the hospital, I brought in a dog that was hit by a car, from that moment I knew she was my center, my whole energy of life. How do I kill him?"
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